Walk To End Gun Violence Focuses on Survivors

On June 12, 2024 the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office participated in the annual walk to end gun violence, which is presented by the Newport News Police Department and the Homicide Support Group, which is comprised of people who have lost a loved one to violence. 

Commonwealth’s Attorney Howard Gwynn spoke at the event, encouraging those gathered to return to the roots of community and the principles of caring for your neighbors.  “Our city is stronger when we look out for each other,” said Gwynn, “I was raised in the Southeast Community of Newport News in a time when we knew our neighbors, watched out for each other’s children, and rejected the “no snitch” culture. We have to return to a time when community concern meant “love thy neighbor.” Gwynn said. “Creating safe neighborhoods requires us all to work together.”

The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office stands with survivors of violence and always seeks accountability for those who engage in violence in our neighborhoods. We thank the Newport News Police Department, the Homicide Support Group, and all the survivors and community organizations gathered to call for an end to gun violence.

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