Man sentenced to life in 2022 murder

On May 10, 2024, Newport News Judge Gary Mills sentenced Divine Rahim Jackson to life in prison for murder plus three years in prison using a firearm in the killing of Michael Colin Faison, Jr. on July 8, 2022.

Mr. Faison was outside a 7-Eleven in Newport News when Jackson’s girlfriend came up to the store. Faison spoke to her about her tattoos, apparently angering Jackson who was at a nearby gas pump. Jackson came over, punched Faison in the face and then pointed a gun into the victim’s face.

Mr. Faison tried to push the gun away. Jackson stepped back and shot Mr. Faison in the head, killing him. Jackson and his girlfriend then fled the scene. This was all captured on store surveillance video. A jury convicted Jackson of the crimes in July 2023 but his sentencing was delayed when he changed attorneys.

Commonwealth Attorney Howard Gwynn noted the unprovoked nature this attack at a busy store. “The community needs to feel safe to go about their normal business and not be shot for making passing comments to those around them.”

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