Meeting With the Prosecutors and Victim Advocates

If you are a victim or witness in a trial, it can be helpful to talk to the prosecutor beforehand. You can call our office to set up a meeting either in person or by telephone. This will help you get ready for the trial and answer any questions or concerns you have. To schedule a meeting, just call us.

How to Find Us

The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is located at:

2501 Washington Ave.
6th Floor
Newport News, VA 23607

When you arrive, you’ll check in with security on the first floor, and then take the elevator to the 6th Floor to check in with our receptionist. 

Justice Building where Commonwealth's Attorney's Office is housed on the 6th Floor.

The front of our office building faces the Circuit Court.  But the main entrance is on the back of the building, within an employee parking deck.

You can park in the city hall parking lot, which is across 25th Street from our office. 

This photo shows the entrance to our building. You will check in on the first floor with the security guard, and then head up to our 6th floor reception area.

Newport News Commonwealth’s Attorney
Phone: 757-926-7443
2501 Washington Avenue, 6th Floor
Newport News, VA 23607

Privacy and Accessibility

Virginia FOIA Information

The Newport News Commonwealth’s Attorney prosecutes criminal cases that occur within the City of Newport News, on behalf of the citizens of the Commonwealth. The elected Commonwealth’s Attorney is Mr. Howard E. Gwynn.