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April 5, 2018

For Immediate Release

Newport News, Virginia


On Thursday, April 05, 2018, A Newport News jury recommended a 27-year-old man be sentenced to two life terms plus eight years in prison for murdering Adrian Holiday and Jeremy Taylor on March 19, 2015.

The jury found Tevin Johnson guilty of shooting to death Holiday and Taylor and use of a firearm in both murders after he apparently tried to rob Mr. Taylor during a drug transaction. Mr. Holiday had given Mr. Taylor a ride to an apartment complex at the Reserves at Dear Run where Johnson had arraigned to meet Taylor.

Johnson got in the back seat of Holiday’s SUV and shot him in the head. Taylor got out and began to run but Johnson shot him as well. Johnson then turned off his cell phone, according to telephone records, and fled to New York where he was later arrested.

When police arrived and began to medically treat Taylor, someone asked who shot him. Taylor said “Tevin Johnson”. They asked “Kevin”? Taylor corrected them and said “Tevin with a T”.

Witness Demarco McMullen, a friend of Johnson’s, testified he was sitting in another vehicle and saw Johnson commit the murders.  Johnson’s DNA was also found on Holiday’s sweatshirt that was in the backseat of the vehicle. Johnson testified admitting he was there and that he bought drugs from Taylor but claimed another man did the shooting.

Johnson will be formally sentenced on June 15, 2018.