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December 2, 2015

For Immediate Release

Newport News, Virginia


A Newport News jury convicted a 28-year-old man of second degree murder on Dec. 2 for shooting his cousin’s husband.

Laran Strawter and his wife Keyana Strawter had argued on March 1, 2014, over him going to the club with her brother and her cousin, Shawn House. House and her brother left but then returned when Keyana Strawter called her brother and complained that Laran Strawter had argued with her. She asked that her brother come get him.

House testified that he decided to go back because he had previously told Laran Strawter not to get physical with Keyana and he went back to confront Laran Strawter. House was carrying a gun the entire time.

Once House returned, he got out of the car and tried to confront Laran Strawter and Keyana and her brother held him back. But he got lose and fired a shot at Laran Strawter, striking him in the chest and killing him.

The Strawter’s four young children were present when House shot and killed their father. House was convicted of murdering Laran Strawter and using a firearm to do so. The jury recommended he serve 45 year in prison for the killing. A judge will formally sentence him on Feb. 12.