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What if someone threatens me?

Concerns about your well-being and safety after being victimized or witnessing a crime are normal. If you have any fears or receive any threats concerning your involvement in a case, you should immediately contact the police department or the Victim/Witness Unit. In an emergency situation, call 911. Any person who threatens or harasses you during the prosecution of a case, or even beforehand, is obstructing justice and has committed a crime, and the prosecutor handling your case should be contacted immediately.

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Who pays for travel expenses for a victim or witness who does not live in the Newport News area?

The Commonwealth of Virginia will reimburse certain travel expenses for you provided the following conditions are met:

  1. The victim or witness is subpoenaed by the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

  2. The victim or witness travels more than fifty (50) miles one-way to appear in court.

  3. The prosecutor assigned to the case has approved the travel reimbursement, and arrangements have been made through the Victim/Witness Unit.

If you have any questions concerning travel or the reimbursement of travel expenses, please call the Victim/Witness Office at (757) 926-7443.

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I can’t afford to pay the medical expenses that resulted from this crime. What compensation is available to me?

Victims of crime who suffer from physical injuries as a result of a crime may be eligible for state compensation to cover medical expenses, psychological counseling, partial loss of earnings, or funeral expenses. For assistance in filing your claim or to obtain a Criminal Injuries Compensation Form call the Victim/Witness Unit at (757) 926-7443.

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What resources are available in the community to assist me?

Click here for a list of community resources that are available to you.

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I am the victim in a criminal case. How do I find out who will be prosecuting my case?

You should expect to receive a contact letter and brochure from the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office and the Victim/Witness Program within one week of your incident. This letter will provide you with the names and phone numbers of the prosecutor and victim/witness assistant assigned to you case, as well as other helpful information. You may also call the Victim/Witness Unit at 926-7443, should you have any questions or need immediate assistance.

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I feel that a crime has been committed. What should I do? Do I report the crime directly to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office?

The police department, not the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, investigates crimes. If you need to report a crime, call the police immediately (911). It is the police department’s responsibility to investigate the crime and issue any arrest warrants, if evidence suggests that a crime has been committed.

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Can you tell me when a court event is scheduled?

You may call the court handling the defendant’s case, or you may reach our office at 926-7443, if you need further assistance.

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Can I talk to Mr. Gwynn? I think he is the person working on my case since his name appears on my court documents.

Mr. Gwynn is the City of Newport News prosecutor, so his name appears on most criminal court documents, as well as any correspondence from our office. However, he may not be the person handling your case. Please call our office at 926-7443, if you would like to know the name of the prosecutor in charge of your case. If you still have questions or concerns, you may reach Mr. Gwynn at the number listed above.