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What to expect in court

Do I have to testify in front of the defendant?

Yes. The defendant must be present in court to hear what all witnesses have to say about him/her.

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Who will be with me in court?

You may bring friends or relatives with you to court, and they can probably sit in the courtroom while you testify, unless they are also witnesses. A victim/witness assistant may also be with you, at your request, for support purposes.

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How long will I be in court?

Your courtroom time, actually testifying, may not take very long. Most of your time will probably be spent simply waiting for your turn to take the witness stand. You are encouraged to bring a book or magazine to read while you wait.

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How do I know if my case has been “called off”?

The Victim/Witness Unit will make every attempt to contact you if you do not have to attend a court event. You may call 926-7490 after 5:00 p.m. the evening before your scheduled appearance for “after-hours” docket information to determine whether or not you need to appear in court the following day.

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