Domestic Violence

How We Can Help

What you should do if you’re in danger

  • Leave immediately if it safe to do so.

  • If you cannot leave, call the police or sheriff. They will protect you from further danger and can help you get out of the house safely. They also have the ability to arrest the abuser without a warrant if there is reasonable cause to believe that an assault has taken place.

  • If you are injured, seek medical attention from your doctor, or go to the emergency room and ask to see a forensic nurse.

  • Save any evidence that documents the abuse (torn clothing, medical records, etc.) and have a friend or police officer take photographs of any injuries and damage to your property.

  • Contact the Court Services Unit at (757) 926-8781 for information about obtaining a protective order.

  • Do not return home until you are sure that you are safe from another assault or possible retaliation.

The above steps represent a plan for increasing your safety, allowing you to prepare in advance for the possibility of further violence. Although you do not have control over your partner’s violent behavior, you do have a choice about how to respond and how to best get you and your children to safety.