Domestic Violence

How We Can Help

The Victim Services Unit

The Victim Services Unit is a division of the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office and offers a variety of services to victims and their families. Members of the office act as a liaison between you and the prosecuting attorney assigned to your case. They are here to listen to you, provide confidential support, and answer any questions you may have about the criminal justice process and the options and resources available to you.

Some of the services offered to you through the Victim Services Unit include the following:

  • Emotional support

  • Information and referrals to community agencies and services

  • Assistance in developing a plan for your safety

  • Explanations of the court process and legal terminology

  • Accompaniment to court appearances and hearings

  • Assistance in obtaining protective orders

  • Notification of changes in court dates

  • Notification of the abuser’s release from jail or any changes in the abuser’s custody status

To learn more about the services offered through the Victim Services Unit, click here or call our office at (757) 926-7443. We are here to help if you need our assistance.