Domestic Violence

How We Can Help

Domestic Violence Prosecution

The Juvenile and Domestic Relations Prosecution Team is composed of prosecutors and victim/witness advocates from the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office and an investigator from the Newport News Police Department. These individuals work as a team to make sure domestic violence victims receive information and support throughout all stages of the criminal justice process. In response to the growing number of domestic violence incidents in the community, the goals are:

  • To promote a clear understanding of domestic violence as a crime

  • To hold offenders accountable for their violent acts

  • To work with other agencies in the community to promote a coordinated response to the victim’s needs

  • To ensure the safety of domestic violence victims and their families

  • To raise community awareness and reshape the social norms around domestic violence so that battered women receive the support and care they deserve

As a victim of domestic violence, it’s normal to experience feelings of helplessness, fear, shame, guilt, and anger. You may also blame yourself and feel responsible for what is happening to you and your family. Remind yourself that what is happening to you is not your fault, and you are not responsible for your partner’s behavior. Without professional help, it is likely that your partner will become violent and abusive again. You and your children may be in even greater danger next time.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office is concerned for your safety and well-being. We are not here to break up your family—we simply want the abuse to stop and your abuser to seek help in the form of counseling. In some cases, unfortunately, jail, probation, or substance abuse treatment may be a more appropriate solution to the problem.

By participating in the prosecution process (testifying), you are taking a very important step, letting your abuser know that you will not tolerate the abuse any longer. It takes a lot of courage to come forward and take a stand against the abuse, and you will not be alone in taking this step.

Sometimes, depending on the evidence available, our office may choose to proceed with a case without your testimony and cooperation. However, in most cases, your testimony is required. Our primary focus is to stop the violence in your family by holding the abuser accountable, while ensuring that the rights and safety of you and your family are protected at all times.